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  • IN THE SCENE Our photographers work all over Brazil to find the freshest, newest tgirl talent from Rio, to Sao Paolo, Bela Horizonte to Brasilia. We feature every Brazilian TS model from the 1990s to today and are the authoritative website for trans models and sex scenes - from solo cum scenes to full-on sex with men, women and other tgirls!
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Body - Average Scenes


Uncontrollable T-Lesbian Lust

And we bring another unprecedented and unexpected combination but very exciting and tempting. Lorena wanted to show more of her sexuality in this vibrant scene commanding the action and our new muse Alice also had a great performance, this time only bottom, Those hotties makes this t-lesbian bareback hardcore another unforgettable classic for our lucky subscribers.

26th Feb 2024

26:59 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Rising Bombshell In A New Set

The success of this model is undeniable what did she create quickly an impressive legion of fans, They prefer to watch her in action (don't worry, there will be more hardcores with her soon), but a new solo is also something to appreciate, and she excelled in her performance this time.

22nd Feb 2024

17:15 HD Video
& 190 Photos

    Rating: 4.89

Instant Classic Combination

This scene is born a classic because brings together 2 of the most popular models of the new generation. Alyce is dedicating herself strongly to become one of the most acclaimed stars in the T porn universe, and Barbara already is one of best models we have never failing. This ccombination is pure dynamite

19th Feb 2024

27:31 HD Video
& 212 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Best Debut Ever

A warning to our audience: get ready to meet a TS who is a dream for many t-lovers. Less than 20 years old, very beautiful, sculptural body, inviting ass, and an enviable huge dick. Besides all these qualities, u ll be so impressed to see the intensity of her orgasm.

14th Feb 2024

18:25 HD Video
& 171 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Surprising Return Of A Beloved Ts

Our tiny brunette sweetheart Raianny returns to our website in great style showing that time has not touched her and she continues with the same sexy and attractive look. People say the best perfumes comes in small bottles, in Raianny's case this is absolutely true.

13th Feb 2024

17:22 HD Video
& 212 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Fabulous Combination Of Talents

Well, here we go with another totally unexpected and surprising pairing and, I can assure you, it worked spectacularly well. Yanka accepted the challenge of leading a scene with another TS maintaining the same energetic and wild style that made her so famous, and you will be surprised at how Jamily lose weight and is much more beautiful and attractive, being perfect as a bottom.

12th Feb 2024

25:53 HD Video
& 208 Photos

    Rating: 4.73

An Unexpected Return

You didn't see this coming, admit, Victoria has been out of the country for years and returned to see her family for just one month. Luckily for us, she reached out to do more scenes, and of course, we accepted. Today, we'll see her solo, but soon we'll have her in action.

8th Feb 2024

17:06 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

2 Stars Set With Close Friends

These two super friends agreed to offer us an exciting and provocative 2-star performance, and that's exactly what they did. So get ready for intense emotions with those irresistible t-godess.

4th Feb 2024

17:40 HD Video
& 186 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

A Super Expected Ts Return

This gorgeous angelic beauty returns in another super-exciting set where she will showcase more of her skills that greatly please her large audience.

1st Feb 2024

17:02 HD Video
& 227 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Another Impecable Clash Of T-Titans

An unprecedented combination for a high-quality TS ON TS hardcore. Both models are popular, energetic, and have absolutely impressive sexuality. Get ready for another unforgettable show.

28th Jan 2024

29:48 HD Video
& 207 Photos

    Rating: 4.71

The Return Of A Star

one of the most beloved and desired trans women on the site returns in another splendid and exciting solo.

23rd Jan 2024

16:46 HD Video
& 156 Photos

    Rating: 4.45

Friends Who Make Love

Another perfect combination with 2 very close trans women who decided to know each other's taste. It seems that their friendship grew after the scene.

22nd Jan 2024

28:32 HD Video
& 203 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

The most beautiful Brazilian TGirls All in One Place!
Big Boobs, Big Booties and Big Cocks!

Super Popular Bombshell in Action

We love to surprise you, and today will be no different. We're pairing the super popular bombshell Leticia with newbie Ananda. Bareback, obviously, with impeccable dynamics, plenty of eroticism, and ultimate lust in a really juicy scene.

15th Jan 2024

26:18 HD Video
& 219 Photos

    Rating: 4.80

Mega Star In Her Brand New Solo

I always invited this model for scenes, but she always refused (and I always respected that). After a season in Italy, she realized the importance of doing hardcores to stand out among many other magnificent models around the world, and I was graced with her choice to do her first scenes with me, which was a privilege and an honor. Today, she offers a bit more of her solo side to renew the impact she has on her fanbase.

11th Jan 2024

15:16 HD Video
& 155 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Super Star Returning Triumphantly

This trans is another who has a special place on our website, combining a series of qualities that greatly please our subscribers. She always seeks to reinvent herself to never disappoint her audience and is always successful in this endeavor, and today will be no different.

9th Jan 2024

16:41 HD Video
& 164 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Clash Of Bombshells

Another spicy and lascivious combination with 2 acclaimed and very popular t-models. Together, both will ignite your libido, making you fantasize explode and one thinking be with these beauties.

8th Jan 2024

19:37 HD Video
& 202 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Juliana Using Pantyhose Is Absolutelly Amazing

Well, unecessary speak about skills of this model that already prove her talent in solo and hardcores but wearing pantyhose she add some extra dose of pepper in this new set that ll make pantyhose fans absurdly happy. She is more daring now that had previous experiences and ll give us her best solo ever so sexy and provocative.

2nd Jan 2024

15:26 HD Video
& 198 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Bombastic Return Of A Star

Old costumers ll remember this model. she shoot for us first time in 2015 and did few works to us in that year then move to south of Brasil. Now she returns and still looking amazing and very sexy and lovely. She has a magnific smille, pretty face that years didnt touch and great body, cock and ass. A perfect packet of lust and erotism for you all apreciate

28th Dec 2023

16:35 HD Video
& 182 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fabulous T-Lesbian Bareback Action

Now that Miss Bays agree do hardcores (in past she only did solos refusing scenes) i took a step foward and challenge her do a new one but with other TS. She didnt want in first moment but (u guys know) i m very persistent and i finally convence her about it too. Here is her first experience banging other transsexual ( she prefers tops but also accept next scene be bottom in a flex action). I always want Alyce doing hardcores because i saw her huge potential in the solos years ago and i knew she had all skills to become a true super star and... I love when i m right. She is nothing less than a sexual hurricane that ll give many positive surprises for you all, my friends. I have intention do crazy things with this magnific bombshell. Oh, and, as a bonus, just put her with new astar Miss Disordi. I m so proud about this conquer and hope u all like too

25th Dec 2023

27:27 HD Video
& 189 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Erotic Xmas With Miss Rosa

Well, i m not exact fan of xmas sets BBBUUUTTT i know so many of u enjoy then anf my mission is assist this demand. I pick Bianca Rosa for this because she exhale always good vibrations and a very intense sexual energy. Combination of those 2 skill did about her perfect choice for this set in my opinion. You guys can give opinion for i see if did right choice

21st Dec 2023

15:33 HD Video
& 191 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Super Virile Brunnete Returning

After months in Europe this atractive t-brunnete is back and with a super erotic solo. She is in gret shape and so much more creative in her poses giving us a superb solo that ll make u all horny and falling in love. She is just a dream but her smille for me is sooo speciak and make me feel seduced. I imagine it happens with other felas here for sure.

19th Dec 2023

17:33 HD Video
& 191 Photos

    Rating: 4.92


Another pairing just cant do wrong puting together 2 of our most celebrate TS in a burning flex action where both gave us more of the impressive libido did about them legends. Watch our favorite models topping and bottom in same scene , in my opinion, make action so much more exciting.

18th Dec 2023

29:28 HD Video
& 199 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Young newbie Fernanda Moraes

Young newbie debuting with us and already prove her vibrant talent in 2 hardcores that excited a lot our subscribers. Now is time see this sweety in her first solo for us and we can say in advance was nothing less than electryfying...specially the impressive (and super generous) ejaculation.

14th Dec 2023

17:48 HD Video
& 211 Photos

    Rating: 4.94

Great pairing in our new 2 Stars

Great pairing in our new 2 Stars set puting together the wild Karine with our new bomshell Isabelle. U guys need see it as an appetizer about a real hardcore both already did and soon ll be avaliable here assisting your demands

11th Dec 2023

18:05 HD Video
& 165 Photos

    Rating: 4.67


A red-hot orgy of crazy tgirls in every kind of sex act you can dream of! Slutty tgirls with big tits and big cocks fucking like sex devils!

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