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Brazilian Transsexuals

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Hair - Blonde Scenes


Another T-Lesbian Action Coming Out Of The Oven

Kimberly Soares & Jamily Lima - We believe that our subscribers already know both models very well with Kimberly being an undeniable popular phenomenon. She spent months in the south of Brazil and returned to Sao Paulo short time ago. Obviously we didn't miss the chance to bring her back to mercilessly taste the submissive but increasingly beautiful Jamile. Needless to say, we will have here another classic that (we hope) will please everyone.

24th Jun 2024

29:39 HD Video
& 195 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Transsexual Sexual Extasis In Triple Dose

Bianca Rosa & Alice Lucena & Lanah Frias - This combination was put together at the last minute but it worked so much better i expected. Lanah is perfect as a bottom and Bianca and Alice will show all their virility and sexual power banging Lanah in a delicious mix of lust and sensuality. In time, i need to apologize in advance for not capturing Bianka's orgasm well as usual because we were adjusting the camera and she just started fucking Lanah and screamed that was almost cumming without wait we be ready to record. We didn't miss it but the idea was to show more of this moment because both orgasms were creampies. Please accept our apologies but dont worry, all footage ll make u guys very horny.

3rd Jun 2024

29:19 HD Video
& 178 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Unexpected Return Of A Very Desired Model

Jessica West - Jessica only had one set with us years ago and , I have to admit that it didn't was good as my expectations in that moment but, following GROOBY style, I decided to give her a new chance and she knew how to utilize it in best way possible. Jessica has a type of body that please most t-lovers - normal height for a genetic woman, nice body structure, very attractive face with some extra sex appeal and a she-cock that drive insane anyone who enjoy some exageration. She have perfect erection showing how big and thick her tool is making many TS fans salivate with wild desire, dreaming with the naughty sexual fantasies can do with this sweety.

30th May 2024

17:05 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

New Mega Blaster 2 Star Set

Alyce Bays & Karine Siqueira - 2 Stars - Another surprising combination in our 2 Stars line with 2 well-rated models in their previous appearances, which makes this pairing even more tasty and fiery. Both knew how to interact in an audacious way, which provided us such a spicy and juicy stuff that would certainly please our costumers.

27th May 2024

18:13 HD Video
& 152 Photos

    Rating: 4.57

Enjoy The Birth Of A New Star

Alice Lucena - Keep this model in mind, a star is borning here. This red-haired, sweet, and feminine young TS will surprise many in the future because those who see her might think she is more submissive and bottom t-girl, but reality will show a wild TS who loves topping (guys and other TS) and has demonstrated impressive talent in action. I repeat: remember this model as she will bring us strong (and exciting) emotions.

23rd May 2024

18:26 HD Video
& 161 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

New Rising Of The Super Star Estela

Estela Duarte - She had been away from porn for some time, but a model of this caliber cannot be wasted, so I decided to invite her for a comeback and it was exactly as I imagined: TRIUMPHANT AND FABULOUS.

21st May 2024

17:58 HD Video
& 138 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fatal T-Blonde Super Model Style

Alice Duarte - She has already did a hardcore posted on and now she will give us the pleasure of her solo set performance where she intends to seduce us with all her beauty and sensuality. For TS Super Model style fans she will undoubtedly be a pleasant and irresistible surprise.

30th Apr 2024

16:20 HD Video
& 170 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Glorious Return Of A Well-Hung TS

Nikky Rodrigues - This model had only one solo on this site but approached us and showed her evolution, being slimmer and more daring. Definitely, this set is far superior to the first one and will positively surprise our audience, especially when seeing her much more potent erection.

23rd Apr 2024

17:04 HD Video
& 206 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Sensual Red Clash Of T-Titans

Karine Siqueira & Isabelle Disordi - We filmed this scene months ago and somehow forgot to release it at that time, but today you can enjoy this magnificent clash of t-titans in a thrilling t-lesbian bareback scene with two of the most acclaimed models of this generation showcasing their skills and jumping into the pleasure.

22nd Apr 2024

28:41 HD Video
& 212 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Unexpected And Stunning Models Combination

Yasmin Lancaster & Sabrina Petruchely - Yasmin has already been properly introduced in a thrilling solo set, and today she will show her other talents in action leading a t-lesbian scene with the sweet newbie Sabrina Petruchely. Both are in their initial stages of doing porn, so we will look forward to enjoying their evolutions in the upcoming sets.

15th Apr 2024

27:32 HD Video
& 164 Photos

    Rating: 4.46

Amazing Ts On Ts Action

Bianka Rosa & Beatriz Oliveira - Amazing Ts On Ts Action - The perfect combination of models always gives us great results, and we can prove this in this scene with the impetuous TS Bianka devouring the lovely and submissive TS Beatriz in a mercilessly way. Prepare yourself for a super erotic and extremely exciting set.

25th Mar 2024

27:07 HD Video
& 216 Photos

    Rating: 4.89

Impetuous Blondie Ts Return

Fiery, fierce, bold, and shameless - these are just a few adjectives to describe an unique and special TS who will always have a space on our website. She always delivers overwhelming performances showing a unique talent that needs to be constantly renewed so that everyone can enjoy her libidinous skills.

12th Mar 2024

16:30 HD Video
& 168 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

The most beautiful Brazilian TGirls All in One Place!
Big Boobs, Big Booties and Big Cocks!

An Unexpected Return

You didn't see this coming, admit, Victoria has been out of the country for years and returned to see her family for just one month. Luckily for us, she reached out to do more scenes, and of course, we accepted. Today, we'll see her solo, but soon we'll have her in action.

8th Feb 2024

17:06 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Super Star Returning Triumphantly

This trans is another who has a special place on our website, combining a series of qualities that greatly please our subscribers. She always seeks to reinvent herself to never disappoint her audience and is always successful in this endeavor, and today will be no different.

9th Jan 2024

16:41 HD Video
& 164 Photos

    Rating: 4.91

Bombastic Return Of A Star

Old costumers ll remember this model. she shoot for us first time in 2015 and did few works to us in that year then move to south of Brasil. Now she returns and still looking amazing and very sexy and lovely. She has a magnific smille, pretty face that years didnt touch and great body, cock and ass. A perfect packet of lust and erotism for you all apreciate

28th Dec 2023

16:35 HD Video
& 182 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Intense And Shameless Yris Return

I love the bio type of this gorgeous t-blondie. We call it in Brasil false skinny and turn us on strongly . The fact she enjoys acts with sensuality and erotism for camera only makes her more interesting to get erotic sets - solos and scenes. She just born for this (its not me talking, she told it for me) LOL

26th Dec 2023

15:42 HD Video
& 201 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Erotic Xmas With Miss Rosa

Well, i m not exact fan of xmas sets BBBUUUTTT i know so many of u enjoy then anf my mission is assist this demand. I pick Bianca Rosa for this because she exhale always good vibrations and a very intense sexual energy. Combination of those 2 skill did about her perfect choice for this set in my opinion. You guys can give opinion for i see if did right choice

21st Dec 2023

15:33 HD Video
& 191 Photos

    Rating: 5.00


Another pairing just cant do wrong puting together 2 of our most celebrate TS in a burning flex action where both gave us more of the impressive libido did about them legends. Watch our favorite models topping and bottom in same scene , in my opinion, make action so much more exciting.

18th Dec 2023

29:28 HD Video
& 199 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Great pairing in our new 2 Stars

Great pairing in our new 2 Stars set puting together the wild Karine with our new bomshell Isabelle. U guys need see it as an appetizer about a real hardcore both already did and soon ll be avaliable here assisting your demands

11th Dec 2023

18:05 HD Video
& 165 Photos

    Rating: 4.38

Memorable and sinful t-lesbian action

Here we go again with another unexpected pairing Jessica and Havenna was an idea we had few days ago and works better than we imagine. Jessica shows impressive talent in command scenes with other TS and assume a new daring look for this hardcore. Havenna now ll show her submisse side feeling deep Jessica virility in another memorable and sinful t-lesbian action

4th Dec 2023

29:02 HD Video
& 190 Photos

    Rating: 4.45

Pink Passion Natalia with special sexual toy

This is another TS is always a vibrant sucess here . Looks like ovr Time dont touch her keeping her beaulty and irresistible body untouched and sooooo sexy. And how about her sexual desires? She is so much hernier now and ll prove with special sexual toy

30th Nov 2023

16:22 HD Video
& 176 Photos

    Rating: 4.70

Hot Girls in powerfull action with sin and lust

Thaysa Lopes & Yris Star: U guys need admit, this is an amazing pairing because both model are super hot and popular. and together ll give us powerfull action with sin and lust in right doses. Bareback ? Of Course. Both are not more newbies then know exact what to do to assist our demand

27th Nov 2023

27:16 HD Video
& 214 Photos

    Rating: 4.53

Sexy Karine Siqueira pantyhose

Karine Siqueira pantyhose

23rd Nov 2023

16:52 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 4.80

Anna Pantaleao & Yara Ventura 2 Stars

Oh, no one was expecting this 2 stars pairing then i did to make u all super motivated and excited. Unecessary say anything about both models, just wait some super intense set

13th Nov 2023

18:26 HD Video
& 194 Photos

    Rating: 4.77


A red-hot orgy of crazy tgirls in every kind of sex act you can dream of! Slutty tgirls with big tits and big cocks fucking like sex devils!

The name says it all - TGIRLS FUCK and you better believe it! Crammed with hot tgirls fucking just about everyone - guys, girls and other tgirls!

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