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Brazilian Transsexuals

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Welcome to the Brazilian Trans Carnival!

Launched in 1999, Brazilian Transsexuals was the first website to feature the beautiful tgirls of Brazil and over the years we have discovered many famous trans pornstars!

From the sun-kissed beaches to the sprawling cities, we expose the Brazilian tgirl scene in all of its wild and crazy glory! Big boobs, big booties and big cocks all framed by those famous tanlines and an insatiable sexual lust!

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    Latest Updates


    Popular Bombshell Wearing Pantyhose

    Fernanda Moraes Pantyhose - Fernanda is one of the most acclaimed and desired models of the new generation having conquered a considerable fan base with her impeccable performances in sets that are nothing less than brilliant. Today she returns in a new solo but in a style much appreciated by our audience - wearing a pantyhose. We guarantee that this solo was one of her best works she already did for us but please don't believe in our words. Just click on the link and check it out for yourself right now

    25th Jun 2024

    15:41 HD Video
    & 126 Photos

      Rating: 4.67

    Another T-Lesbian Action Coming Out Of The Oven

    Kimberly Soares & Jamily Lima - We believe that our subscribers already know both models very well with Kimberly being an undeniable popular phenomenon. She spent months in the south of Brazil and returned to Sao Paulo short time ago. Obviously we didn't miss the chance to bring her back to mercilessly taste the submissive but increasingly beautiful Jamile. Needless to say, we will have here another classic that (we hope) will please everyone.

    24th Jun 2024

    29:39 HD Video
    & 195 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Popular And Irresistible Tiny Ebony Bombshell

    Havenna Sofia - Honestly, we don't know what else to say about this TOP 5 model as there is no quality she possesses that we haven't already mentioned in past sets. she is still outstanding in her physical attributes and also in her malice, capacity for seduction and in being a genuine invitation to sin. Just as we mentioned about other models that you would like to see more often, she fits perfectly into this category. In our opinion this was her solo set

    20th Jun 2024

    17:52 HD Video
    & 178 Photos

      Rating: 4.71

    New Btg On The Block

    Manu Lopes - We have been receiving more requests to have more BTGs here and as we always work to please our fan base as much as possible we got good news about ebony godess. Manu is pure fire and passion with incredible looks, a delicious body, an irresistible ass and, obviously, an impressive pistol always ready for action. If one day you have the opportunity to get laid with her be well prepared because as a PLUS to all these qualities, she has almost infinite sexual energy.

    18th Jun 2024

    17:51 HD Video
    & 168 Photos

      Rating: 4.77

    New 2 Star Set With The Most Fantastic Models Of This Generation

    Thayssa Lopes & Juliana Souza - 2 Stars - I once read a comment that Thayssa Lopes is so magnificent that she could be here every week. Well, I don't do such a thing because it would end up harming Thayssa by making her image very repetitive and would tire the interest of many fans in her sets but I work with her more than with most models, which you may have already noticed. I would also to say that Juliana Souza is on the same level as Thayssa, always with electrifying, unforgettable jaw-dropping performances. In this way we can say that today we will have an impeccable 2 Stars set with the highest carat that will really please our considerable fan base and make you all extremely excited.

    17th Jun 2024

    18:59 HD Video
    & 148 Photos

      Rating: 4.67

    Lovely And Seductive Ts Return

    Lanah Frias - We are already enchanted by this mega feminine and seductive TS and we decided to do a new solo to her in our TS elite team with another smooth but irresistible performance in a magnificent erotic and irresistible show

    13th Jun 2024

    18:01 HD Video
    & 181 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Daring And Flamming New T-Model

    Fernanda Rossi - All sites need new faces and when we get an impetuous shameless we are even more proud of our newcomers. Fernanda Rossi is another red hair chick with excess of sexual energy that will captivate and seduce you with her bold and intense style offering us everything we appreciate and even a little more.

    11th Jun 2024

    18:19 HD Video
    & 129 Photos

      Rating: 4.86

    Another Outstanding Clash Of T-Titans

    Thayssa Lopes & Alice Lucena - I refuse to comment about again Thayssa because she gave us so many outstanding performances that, in our opinion, she already occupies our TOP 5 of this generation. Thayssa has an unusual talent for making porn and we have already noticed that she is the type of model who never gets tired, always impressing and providing us with unforgettable scenes. As her partner, we are open more space for a recent but no less impressive and thought-provoking talent: the spicy red hair t-princess Alice that is evolving dramatically every day with even more fabulous and captivating performances. A mix like this could never go wrong and just check out how much these two stood out top and bottom in another bareback t-lesbian hardcore anthology

    10th Jun 2024

    28:25 HD Video
    & 192 Photos

      Rating: 4.64

    How About A Juicy Dose Of A Lovely Btg?

    Dark skin Aysha returns magnificent and triumphant in a magnificent solo where she demonstrates great evolution in her erotic show as and , as a great bonus, will give us one of the biggest orgasms of recent updates. This is a set that starts well and ends better with this impeccable ebony goddess assisting requests in have more BTGs here.

    6th Jun 2024

    18:08 HD Video
    & 154 Photos

      Rating: 5.00


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